Polestar Optimisation Software

Experience the Polestar Effect
With more than 20 years racing experience, Polestar is at the forefront when it comes to performance optimisation. What we learn from motorsport, we take into the development of new products. The goal is always the same - to offer all Volvo owners an even greater driving experience. Our optimisation is the result of careful development work within five key areas. Together they form a balanced, well proven and thoroughly tested package of driving pleasure.

Faster throttle response
Throttle response has been calibrated to respond more quickly to driver commands - something that gives higher precision and better feel.

Faster gear changes
The automatic gearbox changes gears more quickly to both improve acceleration and to better respond to the driver's commands, e.g. downshifts before overtaking.

Better gear precision and gear hold
The gears have also been calibrated to exploit the engine's improved midrange performance. The gearbox also avoids changes when cornering at high g-forces (where possible) for better stability.

Faster gear and engine response
The engine and gearbox have been calibrated to respond more quickly when the driver releases the accelerator. This makes the car more balanced and predictable when cornering for example.

Increased engine performance
We have concentrated the power where it is needed most - in the midrange; perfect for overtaking or when on a busy motorway. Combined with faster throttle response and gear changes this makes the car significantly more dynamic to drive.

Torque for AWD
More torque to the rear wheels for a more dynamic experience leads to better cornering control and improved traction upon start.

Contact our Service Department today about booking in your Volvo to unlock its full potential the Polestar way.

PRICE: €349 (software update only) €389 including owners package

Please note:
Polestar Performance Optimisation is not available for all engines. To find out whether your Volvo can be optimised, visit



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