Volvo Lifetime Parts Warranty Launch

How does it work?


For Volvo genuine spare parts which are supplied and fitted by an authorised Volvo retailer after 1st March 2022 (which for the purpose of this document will include an authorised repairer) and not excluded in the ‘what is not covered’ section below, we will offer a lifetime warranty for any component failure due to manufacturing or material defect as long as the owner of the vehicle at the time the part was purchased is still the owner of the vehicle at the time of failure and can provide original proof of purchase.

To ensure that the customer continues to benefit from their Volvo Lifetime Parts Warranty the customer must:

1. Provide proof of original purchase along with documentary confirmation of proof of ownership of the vehicle (such as the V5 document, A Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) or Vehicle Licensing Certificate, otherwise known as a logbook is the official ownership document of a car.) at the date of purchase, and that the customer is still the owner of the vehicle when replacement is required.

2. Report any defect and make the car available to an authorised Volvo retailer without undue delay after a defect becomes apparent.

3. The customer must not ignore any instructions in the owner’s manual, or any instructions given by an authorised Volvo retailer.

4. Properly use, maintain, and care for their car as outlined in your Owner’s Manual and retain maintenance service and repair inspection records in the event that a question should arise concerning their vehicle’s history. If a service has been carried out by a non-authorised Volvo retailer, we reserve the right to reject any claim where the cause of the defect is due to inadequate servicing or the use of inadequate, non-genuine parts.

5. The customer must not ignore or fail to respond to any warning lights that appear on the dashboard information system or centre console display.



1. Costs incurred for materials or labour in connection with the Volvo Service Programme.

2. Parts replaced as a result of fair wear and tear including, but not limited to, clutch components, suspension components, drive belts, brake shoes, pads and discs, wiper blades, bulbs and fuses. ‘Fair wear and tear’ is defined as deterioration occurring through usage and no defect of material or a manufacturing nature is evident.

3. Routine adjustments do not equate to a defect. Routine adjustments including, but not limited to, wheel balancing, headlamp and door adjustments, suspension tightening, steering geometry adjustments and emission/fuel system checks are therefore not covered.

4. Damage to the paintwork, trim, glass or chrome work caused by normal or expected deterioration or by any external influence including, but not limited to, bird lime and atmospheric fall-out, stone chips and scratches or insufficient care and maintenance in accordance with the Owner’s Manual.

5. Damage or faults caused during maintenance.

6. Any component that is covered by this Lifetime Parts Warranty that has been damaged as a result of a separate component failure will not be covered. Only direct failures of the purchased component will be covered by the Lifetime Parts Warranty.

7. Damage to components or faults caused by modification or alteration so that the car no longer conforms to its original specification. In the event the car has been modified, you may be charged for the removal of the equipment if necessary.

8. Damage caused where the car has been used in racing, trials, rallies, competitive events or for any purpose other than normal private or commercial use or by the use of improper fuel or lubricants.

9. Damage to the car caused by accident, vandalism or theft.

10. Any vehicle that has had its vehicle identification and/or chassis numbers altered or removed or on which the mileometer reading has been unlawfully changed.

11. All consequential or indirect costs as a result of a component failure covered by the Lifetime Parts Warranty.

12. Tyres, except where the defect results from negligence by Volvo.

13. Any costs attributable to a fault deemed not to be covered by this Volvo Lifetime Parts Warranty.


·        I cannot find proof of original purchase. Can I still claim Lifetime Parts Warranty?

No, you must provide proof of purchase, acceptable to Volvo.

·        What if I bought the part only and it wasn’t fitted by an authorised Volvo retailer? Can I still claim?

No. This warranty is only applicable to genuine Volvo parts supplied and fitted by an authorised Volvo retailer.

·        What if the breakdown/failure of the part occurs outside of Ireland?

Any authorised Volvo retailer outside of Ireland will be able to assist you.

·        What if I sell my car to a family member?

As soon as the car changes registered keeper, this warranty comes to an end.

·        Is this warranty transferrable to a new owner of the vehicle?


·        Is there a maximum number of times that a part can be replaced under this warranty?


·        Does this warranty cover parts purchased as part of an insurance repair?

Yes, if the repair has been carried out at an authorised Volvo retailer and you can provide a detailed original invoice of the repairs and genuine Volvo parts used during the repair, along with proof of your ownership of the vehicle at the repair date.

·        What if the part was replaced under the Volvo New Car Warranty? Will this Lifetime Parts Warranty apply?


·        What documents do you need to confirm I was the owner of the car at the time the part was purchased?

You will need to provide the authorised Volvo retailer with a copy of V5 document, A Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) or Vehicle Licensing Certificate, otherwise known as a logbook which shows the date your ownership of the vehicle began.

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