Auto Boland Volvo Cars Waterford Celebrates the Irish Pony Club Waterford Branch's 60th Year Anniversary

At Auto Boland Volvo Cars Waterford, we take immense pride in supporting local events and organizations that bring communities together. Last weekend, we had the incredible honor of being the main sponsor at the Irish Pony Club Waterford branch's 60th year anniversary event. It was a delightful celebration of equestrian sportsmanship, where we had the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge Hybrid Volvo XC60 and the fully electric XC40 Recharge models to enthusiastic attendees.

A Perfect Blend of Technology and Elegance:
As an advocate for sustainable mobility, Auto Boland Volvo Cars Waterford is committed to offering vehicles that align with our customers' values. Our Hybrid Volvo XC60 and Fully Electric XC40 Recharge models perfectly embody our dedication to the future of driving. By displaying these innovative vehicles at the anniversary event, we aimed to showcase the latest advancements in eco-friendly and efficient driving.

The Hybrid Volvo XC60:
The Hybrid Volvo XC60 combines a powerful petrol engine with an electric motor, offering exceptional fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. With its intelligent powertrain, this SUV seamlessly switches between the electric and combustion engines to optimize flexibility and deliver a powerful driving experience. The Hybrid XC60 represents the ideal choice for those seeking a versatile vehicle that prioritizes sustainability without compromising on pulling power or style.


The Fully Electric XC40 Recharge:
For those passionate about sustainable transportation, the Fully Electric XC40 Recharge is a game-changer. With zero tailpipe emissions and an impressive all-electric range, this compact SUV paves the way towards a greener future. Its advanced battery technology ensures a seamless driving experience, with swift acceleration and a smooth ride. The fully electric XC40 Recharge is a testament to Volvo's commitment to reducing carbon footprints and embracing cleaner mobility solutions.

Celebrating Equine Sportsmanship:
The Irish Pony Club Waterford branch's 60th year anniversary event was a spectacle of equine sportsmanship and camaraderie. We were captivated by the skill and dedication displayed by the riders and their beautiful horses. It was an honor to witness the bond between the riders and their majestic companions.

A Shared Commitment:
Auto Boland Volvo Cars Waterford believes in the power of community and supporting local organizations. Our sponsorship of the Irish Pony Club Waterford branch's anniversary event exemplifies our commitment to fostering connections and celebrating achievements. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the success of such a remarkable occasion.

The Irish Pony Club Waterford branch's 60th year anniversary event was a resounding success, and Auto Boland Volvo Cars Waterford is proud to have played a role as the main sponsor. We were thrilled to showcase the XC60 and XC40 Recharge models, embodying our commitment to sustainable mobility. Witnessing the incredible displays of equine sportsmanship reminded us of the importance of community and shared passions. We look forward to continuing our support for local events and organizations that bring people together and celebrate remarkable milestones.


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