Fiat 500

Legends grow too. And they change. As new 500: always the coolest, now it is born again more original and sunny than ever. The smiling face of the 500 gets even more impish. The front end has more of a wink to it thanks to the new mouldings, the prized whiskers and the bumper that surrounds the three-dimensional grille. More attractive, more positive, even more 500. 

Fiat 500X

With the Fiat 500X you’re always on the best road. Thanks to its hi-tech engines which offer lower consumption, better performance, higher acceleration and best in class driving comfort. Discover a range of engines able to reduce fuel consumption while increasing driving pleasure, thanks to low-end-torque.

Fiat Panda

Travel around the city with a true classic, but do it with style and boldness. Cross it's the top-notch and most complete version of the Panda and is an all-in top-of-the-range version that brings together the best of comfort and technology highlighting the bold features of the Panda style. If you're looking for the true classic, go with the Panda Cross.

Fiat 500e

Thanks to 2 different kinds of battery, you will have an autonomy that will cover your daily commute in the city: going to work, gym and back home, because the New 500 Hatchback, Cabrio and 3+1 have up to 190 or 320 km range. And when used purely for urban driving, the range of the New 500 extends up to 460km with an impressive urban cycle.

Fiat Tipo

A Bolder Stance at First Glance. Tipo is the best version of itself. Discover the new range, here to bring out the best in you. No more choosing between convenience and style thanks to a stunning look and more efficient engine technology. Get all the advantages of electrification with the hybrid setup and enjoy a new way of driving.

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