Volvo Cars brings simplicity to public charging

Fully electric Volvo Car customers in Europe now have a wider choice of public EV charging networks at their fingertips following the integration of the Plugsurfing platform directly into the Volvo Cars app. By enhancing the functionality of the Volvo Cars app, Volvo drivers now have access to over 270,000 charging points across the continent and across borders while also being able to pay for charge all from a single and seamless gateway.

The Volvo Cars app shows drivers the location of their nearest public charging station along with real-time information on its availability, too. In simplifying the mobile charging experience, Volvo Cars is making it even easier for drivers to charge their Recharge pure electric car by eliminating countless different charging apps and payment systems, as well as improving access to public charging infrastructure.

Arek Nowinski, Head of EMEA at Volvo Cars, said: “Creating premium fully electric products is only one part of a much wider ecosystem when it comes to enabling consumers to make the switch to a fully electric car. We recognise the frustration that many of our customers have in carrying around multiple cards and having to install different apps to access individual charge points. By enhancing the mobile charging experience, we are supporting our customers across Europe in their own fully electric journey, which means access to more networks inside and outside their country of residence all through our digital platform – the Volvo Cars app.”

This experience is enabled by Plugsurfing’s Developer Platform and Drive API, which directly integrates charging information into the Volvo Cars app, thereby creating a seamless and convenient experience.

“Drive API is the evolution of our commitment to our partners,” says Tatu Kulla, Plugsurfing CEO. "With this integration, Volvo can evolve its own products and services to meet its goal of becoming a purely electric company by 2030. We're proud to be the partner that helps make this a reality."

Following the initial introduction in Switzerland and Italy, Volvo Cars will continue to roll-out the updated functionality to the majority of its European markets between now and the end of 2022.

Volvo Cars is outlining its ambition to offer its customers of Recharge cars comprehensive and easy access to public charging. Through the new functionality in the Volvo Cars app, electric Volvo drivers benefit from special rates when charging at IONITY stations around Europe. In Sweden and Norway, Volvo Cars has also teamed up with charging operator Mer to offer preferential rates in those countries, with the ambition to continually enhance the consumer offer with more providers in the future.

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